September 5, 2016
By Mark Paup

September Is the Time to Arrange for Heating Maintenance

Updated January 29, 2024

The official end of the summer is still two weeks away, but as soon as the calendar switches over from August to September, you know it’s time to start thinking seriously about the change in seasons. Temperatures are starting to slowly come down from the highs of the summer, and in a few months—possibly sooner—you will need to fire up the furnace, boiler, or other heating systems that keep your family comfortable during the winter.

To start your winter preparations, use this September to have maintenance done for your heating system. Call our technicians and set up a convenient time for them to come to your home and inspect the heater. They’ll clean and adjust the system and find any places where the heater may need repair work before the cold weather arrives.

Why September Is a Good Time for Heating Maintenance

  • Easy to schedule: September is traditionally one of the slower times of the year for HVAC technicians since it falls between the period of emergency heating and air conditioning calls. You shouldn’t have any problem scheduling a maintenance visit that’s convenient for you. Just make sure you call early before everyone else starts to think about their heating maintenance.
  • A safety buffer for repairs: If your HVAC technician does find repair needs in your heating system, you’ll be glad that you had the job done early. You will have enough time to arrange for the repair work before the cold weather hits.
  • You’ll be ready for cold weather surprises: When you have heating maintenance done in September, you’ll be prepared for the first cold weather to arrive—no matter when it arrives!
  • One more item off your “to-do” list: With heating maintenance taken care of early in the season, you’ll have one of the biggest fall chores already crossed off your list. It’s great for your peace of mind.

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