June 7, 2016
By Mark Paup

How UV Lights Can Help Your Air Conditioner

Updated January 23, 2024

Air conditioning systems put in an immense amount of work during the summers here in Des Moines. It’s not just the heat that an air conditioner has to contend with, but also the high humidity. Air conditioners are not dehumidifiers (although some models have humidity controls added on to them), but they do draw moisture from the air as they operate, which collects along the evaporator coil and then drips down into a condensate pan. Unfortunately, this moisture helps to promote mold and mildew growth along the coil, which will make the air conditioner less efficient… and even shorten its service life.

This is where installing UV germicidal lights can prove very beneficial.

How UV lights work with your air conditioner

UV lights consist of lamps that send out ultraviolet radiation. These UV rays are harmful to the organic tissue, disrupting it at a cellular level. The UV radiation from these lights isn’t powerful enough to hurt people or pets but is strong enough to destroy bacteria, viruses, germs, and molds. This is the main job of UV lights: to eliminate many of the more harmful contaminants that can move throughout a home without the use of chemicals or efficiency-harming filters.

But UV lights are also immensely beneficial to the air conditioner. The lamps are positioned so they shine on the evaporator coil of the AC. The germicidal power of the lights prevents mold from forming along the coil, which helps the air conditioner run at higher energy efficiency and achieves a longer lifespan. It also prevents a problem that’s common during high humidity, which is “dirty sock syndrome,” an unpleasant smell emanating from an AC due to mold.

If you want your air conditioner to have an easier time this coming summer—and you’d like your house protected from bacteria, germs, and more—call our specialists today to install UV germicidal lights.

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