You’ve already arranged for your fall heating maintenance visit, and our technicians have given your furnace (or boiler, or heat pump) a thorough inspection and tune-up. So now you’re ready to handle anything another Des Moines area winter can hurl at you.

But not so fast… a dependable heating system isn’t the only assurance necessary for winter preparation. The heater provides warmth to the rooms of the house, but what if the house isn’t able to hold that heat? The heat will escape through gaps, cracks, and poorly insulated areas, and you’ll be left with cold drafts and a heater that must strain over time trying to replace the escaping heat.

Maybe you need air sealing services and improved insulation. You can count on us for those jobs.

I know what insulation is, but what’s air sealing?

Air sealing is the process of closing up areas in a house where air can easily escape to the outdoors. There can mean numerous gaps in the envelope of your home, which is the seal it has against the outside. Many of these gaps are hard to detect until they start creating comfort and energy efficiency problems. Professionals use insulation, caulking, foam, and other tools to close up these spots where your home can lose heat through the winter.

(And, by the way, this is a benefit during the summer as well. Those same gaps allow heat to get into your home during hot weather.)

To get started with air sealing, call our IAQ team to make the tests to find where you have breaks in your home’s envelope. You can trust that we’ll give your house superior energy efficiency—all without making the house too airtight, which can lead to indoor air quality problems as well. We recommend including a heat or energy recovery ventilator installation that will allow fresh air to get into your house without a drop in home energy performance.

Golden Rule serves Urbandale, IA. If you want a Service Provider who will treat you and your home like their own, then call us today…

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