Need A Plumbing Inspection in Des Moines?

Protecting Your Largest Asset Starts With A Plumbing Inspection From Golden Rule!

Things to look for in your home that might mean you have a plumbing leak:

  • Damp Walls
  • Rings on The Ceiling
  • Wet Carpet
  • High Water Bill For No Reason

A plumbing inspection once a year ensures most pipe, drain, and plumbing system issues are identified before they become expensive surprise repairs. A Golden Rule plumber will check for leaks, assess vent pipes for blockages, test safety controls on your water heater, and much more in just a single visit to your home.

Get the Golden Rule Treatment on Your Next Plumbing System Inspection

Most of a home's plumbing systems are out of sight, out of mind, until something goes wrong. Then you wonder how you ever lived without it! Dealing with surprise repairs is no fun, which is why we recommend an annual check-up to keep your home's plumbing in tip-top shape. Golden Rule delivers the most comprehensive plumbing maintenance in Des Moines, reviewing every part of your plumbing including water heater, toilets, faucets, drains, exposed water supply lines, garbage disposal, washing machine hoses and much more.

The Most Thorough Plumbing Inspection in Des Moines!

  • Check all toilets
  • Check all faucets
  • Check all drains under sinks
  • Check sump pump
  • Check exposed water supply lines
  • Check emergency shut off
  • Check garbage disposal
  • Check outside faucets
  • Check washing machine hoses
  • Test safety controls on water heater
  • Safety check on water heater flue pipe
  • Check electric water heater

If you like our inspections, you'll love our Gold Club!

With our Gold Club Membership maintenance program, you can experience comfort year-round along with priority benefits like:

  • No trip charges
  • Priority service
  • 10% discount on service repairs
  • Ongoing safety inspections
  • And more

Customer Review

Allowed me to make the best decision for me, no pressure...

Arik was very thorough with his inspection and explanations. He took his time to look at everything, listen to me, ask questions and provide me with options for my plumbing needs and allowed me to make the best decision for me, no pressure. Ultimate professional! Highly recommended!

—Kristi W.

Get the Golden Rule Treatment for Your Next Plumbing Inspection

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