April 30, 2018
By Mark Paup

You’re In the Zone For Air Conditioning Maintenance

Updated January 23, 2024

We’re starting to enjoy warmer weather in the Des Moines area, with pleasant 70°F weather. It’s a time when you won’t need your heating system, but you probably won’t need to learn much about your air conditioning system either. (We recommend only turning on the AC when temperatures rise above 78°F. Simply running the blower fan of your HVAC system can handle keeping you cool if you have the windows open.)

This is the perfect time to have AC maintenance done. This tune-up and inspection for your home’s cooling equipment should be done annually, and the mild weather of spring is the ideal window of opportunity: you don’t need the AC working yet, but you soon will. The HVAC professionals who handle the maintenance have much more open schedules at this time of year, so you shouldn’t have trouble scheduling a convenient time for the inspection and tune-up.

How Annual Maintenance Benefits You

It’s all well and good for us to say, “this should be done every year,” but we ought to back that up with something more concrete. Here are the major benefits you receive when your AC is professionally kept up each spring:

Longer equipment life

The standard central air conditioner will last for about 5 to 8 years if it doesn’t have maintenance. If it does have maintenance, that lifespan expectancy jumps up to 10 to 15 years. Essentially, you can double the years of service you get from your cooling system, keeping away an expensive replacement, thanks to regular maintenance.

Fewer repairs

An HVAC technician inspects your air conditioner to find places where adjustments, cleaning, and tune-ups will prevent repairs later on. Maintenance can prevent 85% of the repairs an air conditioner may need over its service life. Think of how much you’ll save, both in time and money.

Lower utility bills

You can expect to see a rise in your electrical bills during the summer. The AC compressor takes a large amount of electrical power to run. But if the system is dirty and wearing down because it hasn’t received skilled attention from an air conditioning professional, it will drain more power. Maintenance keeps those bills from rising out of control.

Peace of mind

A well-maintained air conditioner is one that probably won’t break down when it’s needed the most. When you start your summer with an AC that’s gotten pro treatment, you can relax knowing you have a reliable system.

Keep the warranty current

With most AC systems, the warranty only stays current if the system has professional maintenance each year. Keeping your warranty current protects you from a possible “lemon,” an air conditioner that fails early because of a manufacturer’s flaw.

We’re the Des Moines, IA, HVAC contractor to call when it’s time for regular cooling equipment maintenance. We offer Gold Club Membership to take care of both your air conditioning and heating systems. You’ll receive high-performance tune-ups plus other benefits: priority customer scheduling, a 10% discount on the bottom line for heating and cooling services, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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