July 19, 2021
By Mark Paup

What to Do When You Have a Major Plumbing Leak

Updated January 22, 2024

The majority of leaks in plumbing are difficult to notice at first. When it comes time to have them repaired, it will require the work of plumbing professionals with special leak detection equipment to locate the specific spot of the leak.

But there are other leaks that you can’t miss, such as a broken pipe that starts sending water spreading out into the living spaces of your house. In emergencies such as this, you need to know what to do. Below are steps to follow when you have a major emergency leak.

  • First, shut off the water. You should know where the shut-off valve for your water main is. In most homes, it’s located near the water meter. If the leak isn’t one that you can shut off locally (i.e., turning off a faucet) then go to the water main and shut it off.
  • Look over the damage. Before you call on a plumber to repair the problem, you should have a good idea of exactly what you’re dealing with. You can then describe the issue to the plumbers over the phone, which will help them fix the issue much faster when they arrive.
  • Call an emergency plumber. Not all plumbing contractors offer 24-hour emergency plumbing service. Make sure that you have a number handy for a local plumber who can reach you any time of the day or night. Our plumbers are ready to come to your assistance.
  • Clear the area around the leak. Don’t wait idly while the emergency plumbers are on the way to you. To avoid further damage to your belongings and to give the plumbers easy access to the damaged pipe or fixture, remove furniture and belongings from the area.
  • Soak up as much of the excess water as possible. You can help mitigate water damage by putting down towels to remove the standing water.

Once the plumbers from Golden Rule arrive at your home, you can trust them to take care of everything else! We service the Greater Des Moines, IA market area.

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