February 27, 2015
By Mark Paup

Plumbing Repair Guide: What Is Rooter Service?

Updated January 18, 2024

Indoor plumbing is made to be durable, but with the heavy, daily usage that your plumbing system sees, you are bound to experience issues at some point. When it comes to draining cleaning, water main lines, and your sewer or septic line, it takes skill, knowledge, and special tools to be able to properly clean and maintain these pipes. One tool frequently used by our expert plumbers is the rooter. The name rooter comes from its original use, which was removing roots from underground pipes, such as sewer and water main pipes. But it soon became clear that rooters could help with general cleaning and maintenance of home plumbing systems, which is why the specialists at Golden Rule offer rooter services in Des Moines, IA. Having trouble with your plumbing and are concerned the issues may lie deep in your plumbing system? Call our experts today and schedule an appointment.

What Is a Rooter?

A rooter is a professional-grade, mechanical snake that has a long, snaking cable with rotating blades at the end of the cable. The rooter works by snaking the cable into the pipe and allowing the blades to dislodge common items that build-ups, such as food particles, soap scum, FOG (fats, oils, grease), roots, and other foreign objects. As you can surmise, operating this type of mechanical device takes training and expertise, which is why it’s important to hire an expert for any kind of rooter service you may need.

Using a Rooter for Drain Clearing

Your drains are the gateway for all your wastewater, and as such, they are subject to an abundance of materials, some of which can get stuck inside your piping. Rooter service is great for dislodging and permanently removing pipe build-up that can cause slow drainage or even a clog.

Rooter Service for Sewer or Septic Lines

Having a clogged sewer or septic line is a serious issue and clearing these lines can be challenging because of their underground location. However, when you hire an expert for rooter services, you can rest assured that your sewer or septic clog will be successfully removed.

Water Line Blockage

The main culprit in a water line blockage is tree roots. Tree roots gravitate toward water pipes because the pipes are a constant water source, but this can be seriously problematic for your main water line. A rooter can easily remove any tree roots from the line, clearing it and restoring your water line to normal operation.

When it comes to rooter service in Des Moines, IA, call the people you can count on Golden Rule.

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