February 5, 2018
By Mark Paup

Is Duct Cleaning All I Need for Cleaner Air in My Home?

Updated January 23, 2024

We recommend duct cleaning as a regular service for homes with central heating and air. The ductwork for these HVAC systems collects dust, lint, and other debris over time. After a few years of this buildup on duct walls, resistance to airflow lowers the efficiency of the comfort system. It also creates a reservoir for pollutants to circulate through the living areas of a house, lowering air quality. Duct cleaning is done every few years (3 to 5) not only saves money on utility bills but also makes a difference in the quality of the air—especially for allergy and asthma sufferers.

But is duct cleaning enough to ensure healthier air in your house? You will have cleaner air, but not the cleanest air possible. Here’s the dilemma: pollutants come from many places inside a house, from hygiene and cleaning products to building materials. Taking out only the dust inside the ventilation system doesn’t do much to get rid of all these other contaminants. For the best indoor air quality, a house needs additional assistance.

What kind of assistance?

This is the tricky part because the IAQ products that help your house enjoy the healthiest possible air are different from other houses. This is why we urge you to work with indoor air quality and HVAC experts. They can determine what air quality issues in your household need to be addressed and then find and install the right air quality system to do the job.

Air cleaners

The umbrella term air cleaners cover a big range of air quality installations. The most common are air filters, which use fiber mesh to trap particles. Almost any home can benefit from air filters, and they’re usually where experts start when looking at options for cleaner air. Filters come in different strengths (measured as MERV). Having a filter that’s too strong for the HVAC system’s blower fan is bad as having one that’s too weak to stop particles. The experts working on your home’s air quality will see that the filters match your HVAC system.

Air purifiers are powered air cleaners that use a variety of methods to draw unwanted contaminants from the airflow circulation through the ducts. They can affect smaller pollutants than filters and are often paired with filters for maximum effect. UV air purifiers are helpful in cases where organic contaminants are a problem.

Duct repairs

There’s another job on ductwork that can improve indoor air quality—although it has other important benefits. Repairing broken ducts stops particles from closed-off parts of the house (between the walls, and the attic) from getting inside the ventilation system and straight into the house. Repaired ducts restore the efficiency of the system as well.

The IAQ and duct service experts you need

If you’re ready to schedule duct cleaning in Des Moines, IA, or you want help with indoor air quality products, make an appointment with us. We provide quality HVAC services throughout the Des Moines greater metro areas, including extensive duct repair.

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