January 17, 2017
By Mark Paup

I Didn’t Schedule Heating Maintenance in the Fall—Is It Too Late?

Updated January 29, 2024

We’re not going to scold you for forgetting to arrange for your heating maintenance at the regular time (fall, so the heater is prepared for the first winter days). We understand that life can get hectic and sometimes important jobs can slip your mind.

However, it isn’t too late to have this job done! It’s far better to have maintenance done in January rather than skip it for a whole year. Here’s why:

Plenty of cold weather left to go

The cold of winter isn’t going to be leaving us for a stretch yet. We can expect to keep using our home heating systems regularly through April. Your heater still has plenty of time to benefit from receiving a professional tune-up, cleaning, and adjustment. A well-maintained heater costs less to run!

Missing maintenance can mean unpleasant winter surprises

Any time that a heating system misses annual maintenance, it is at an increased risk of suffering repair issues or even a full breakdown during the winter. You don’t want to be trapped with a failed heating system on the coldest day of the winter, so it’s always wise to have the system maintained, no matter what.

Protect the heating system’s service life

Maintenance helps to extend the equipment life of a heater. Letting it go without maintenance service, even for a year, will lead to it wearing down faster and possibly shortening its lifespan. You don’t want to replace your heater too early—that’s an expensive “repair”!


This is especially important for gas furnaces and gas boilers. These heaters can turn into safety hazards unless they have routine inspections to find places where they need repairs. Don’t put your family at risk: have maintenance done each year, no matter how late you have to schedule it.

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