February 3, 2023
By Mark Paup

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain an AC in Iowa?

Updated January 22, 2024

Regular AC system checks come with a ton of great perks and benefits, including:

  • Lower monthly cooling bills
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Longer AC lifespan
  • Better air quality in your home
  • Keeping your parts warranty valid

But, if you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably wondering how much you’ll have to invest in AC system checks to reap these benefits.

On average, AC system checks in Iowa cost below $100, depending on
  • The extensiveness of the service
  • Whether it’s a one-time service or part of a whole-home maintenance plan
  • The contractor you choose

Let’s look at each of these factors in detail to help you better understand how much you might need to pay for AC system checks.

Need an AC system check?

Our experienced techs can help you keep your AC in good working order with routine checks. Call 515-393-4526 or contact us online to request a one-time system check or join our Gold Club Membership. We service the Des Moines Metro area and have over five thousand 5-star reviews.

The Extensiveness of the AC System Check

Typically, more extensive AC system checks cost more.

According to Energy Star, a contractor should at least complete this minimum list of requirements during a system check, including:

  • Checking your thermostat settings
  • Checking and adjusting electrical connections
  • Lubricating all moving parts
  • Checking and inspecting the condensate drain
  • Checking system controls
  • Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Cleaning and adjusting blower motor components

We recommend going with an HVAC contractor that goes above and beyond the items listed above. A more comprehensive system check requires more labor and will likely cost more than a basic one. When you contact a technician and ask about a system check, they should provide you with a complete list of items included in the service. If not, you should ask for one to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

At Golden Rule, we complete the following tasks during our regular AC system check:
  • Check A/C for level
  • Check condenser coil
  • Check filter
  • Inspect the blower & condenser motor
  • Inspect contactor
  • Inspect disconnect
  • Inspect the evaporator coil (if accessible)
  • Measure & test temperature drop
  • Replace standard filter
  • Rinse condenser
  • Test all wiring connections
  • Test blower motor & amp draw
  • Test capacitors
  • Test compressor amp draw
  • Test motor amp draw

Whether It’s a One‑Time Service or Part of a Whole‑Home Maintenance Plan

A one-time AC service is typically cheaper than a maintenance plan membership. However, these plans come with benefits that pay for themselves over time.

For example, a one-time system check can start at $95, while a plan membership can cost anywhere from $175 to $450 annually. But the plan membership comes with extra perks and benefits, like discounts on repair services and faster priority service, which help you save money down the line.

For example, our Gold Club Membership plan comes with:
  • Priority Scheduling: As a Gold Club member, your service and repair appointments are our priority over appointments for non-Gold Club members.
  • Service Repair Discounts: You’ll be able to save 10% off all repairs.
  • Annual HVAC System Checks: Twice per year, our technicians will perform a full diagnostic system check to ensure your system is functioning at its best and keep your equipment warranty intact. Recommended by manufacturers and utilities alike, regularly scheduled service can reduce breakdowns!
  • Annual Plumbing Inspection: We will assess your home’s plumbing system to ensure that everything is in safe operating condition. Then, we’ll give you a detailed report of our findings and explain any concerns.
  • Exclusive Text and Email Promotions: We send exclusive text and email promotions to our Gold Club members several times throughout the year!

If you decide to have your AC maintained yearly, enrolling in a membership program is cheaper. With all the discounts and perks, you’re likely to pay less for AC service over time than someone who pays for individual AC system checks and repairs.

The Contractor You Choose

An experienced contractor will probably charge more for air conditioner system checks than a less experienced one.

While it may be more expensive to hire a more experienced Iowa contractor for a system check, it’s worth the extra cost. Higher-quality contractors charge more for service visits because they do better work. With a more experienced contractor, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that they’re completing thorough AC system checks.

To find a high-quality HVAC contractor in the Des Moines area, look for those with
  • The appropriate licenses and certifications
  • Over a decade of HVAC experience
  • Positive reviews from clients on websites like Facebook and Google
  • Extensive checklists (that are available for you to review before you schedule service)

Ready to Schedule Your AC System Check? Golden Rule Makes It Easy.

If you’d like to schedule an AC system check, we offer two different options with both backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee:

  • A $95 one-time AC system check
  • Annual service through our Gold Club Membership for $99/year

Our friendly techs go out of their way to provide the highest quality AC system check, so you never have to worry about being uncomfortable in the heat of an Iowa summer.

Call 515-393-4526 or contact us online to request a one-time system check or join our Gold Club for additional savings.

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