December 19, 2016
By Mark Paup

Have Healthier Holidays With A UV Air Purifier

Updated January 23, 2024

Why not get your home a holiday present, one that will help it during the rest of winter? And by helping it, we mean helping you and your family. What kind of present are we talking about? A UV air purifier.

‘Tis the Season to Stop from Getting Sick

The holiday season means joy, family, and festivities. Unfortunately, it also means cold weather and lots of people gathered together under one roof—and that makes it easy for flu and colds to quickly spread around. Even when the holiday crowds are gone and January arrives, the flu and the cold season will remain for a few more months.

There are many ways to attempt to combat the spread of illnesses. One of the best is to have professionals install a UV air purifier into your HVAC system. This will not only take care of this year’s cold and flu season, but it’s also a permanent installation that will give you many years of healthier indoor air, a longer-lived air conditioner, and the elimination of mold and mildew odors.

A UV air purifier works in a simple but powerful way. It consists of special ultraviolet lamps that are installed into the ventilation system so they can target all the air that moves from the blower fan to circulate through the house. The ultraviolet rays disrupt the cellular level in living tissue, destroying important cellular functions that either kill the cells or make them inert. The UV radiation from these lamps isn’t powerful enough to harm people or pets, but it’s enough to kill any organic pollutants such as germ and flu microbes, as well as bacteria and mold spores.

Unlike filters, UV air purifiers place no strain on airflow. They also leave no chemical residue. They’re a great way to have healthier air with no side effects. Get in touch with our indoor air quality team today to arrange for this special gift for your household for the holidays.

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