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Extreme Heat Warning! Watch Out for AC Failures

Wow, another hot August here in Des Moines. Is your AC putting in a lot of work? Yeah, we thought it might be. This is when you really appreciate a quality air conditioning system for your home, one installed by professionals who know how best to deliver comfort throughout the rooms of a house while also keeping bills under control.

Now, whether we’re the contractor who put in your current air conditioning system or not, we want to make sure you keep enjoying the cooling you need during the August heat wave. One of the best ways we can do that is to give you some pointers on how to detect an AC that’s having trouble before that trouble turns into a failed air conditioner! You can count on our professionals for air conditioning repair in Indianola, IA, and elsewhere in the Des Moines and Grimes, IA Metro area—and calling us sooner is better than later.

An air conditioner making a grinding noise? Oh, not good!

In fact, any time your AC starts to make noises you don’t recognize, it’s a smart idea to call for repairs right away. However, the noise you’re most likely to hear from an air conditioner after a long summer of work is grinding—which probably means a motor is wearing down and possibly about to overheat. Turn off the AC (we know this is hard to do on a hot day, but trust us!) and let a contractor know right away that you need help.

Another sound to listen for is clicking. This can mean the capacitors are failing because of the excessive heat. When capacitors fail, motors stop working.

Those bills are way too high

Staying cool in our humid and hot summers means putting extra money into electricity to run the air conditioner. But you can anticipate that cost rises, and you’ve already seen a few months of them. Are the costs rising far too high now? That’s a strong indicator that the air conditioner is doing more work than it should because of malfunctions. Have repair experts look at it before it overheats and fails.

The air conditioner just can’t keep up

“Wow, it’s hot in here. Does it feel hotter than normal?” If you’re hearing house residents and guests saying this—and you’re feeling it yourself—you might have an AC that’s starting to fail. Don’t keep pushing the thermostat lower to try to compensate, since this will just place further stress on the air conditioner components. The AC is trying to tell you it’s getting close to going kaput, so get the emergency technicians in right away.

Parts of the home are hotter than others

Hot spots in your house are more than just places with better Wi-Fi connectivity. If you’re noticing rooms that are hotter than normal compared to the others when the AC is running, the air conditioner might be losing cooling power and on its way to failing.

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