October 30, 2017
By Mark Paup

Considerations for a New Fall Heater Installation

Updated January 29, 2024

We’re deep into the fall now and if you’re thinking that this may be the year you have your worn-down heating system replaced, it’s best to have the work done as soon as possible. That way you won’t be caught off-guard when the first cold snap arrives and must face it with a wonky heater. It’s also easier to arrange for a new heating installation during a time of the year when an HVAC company isn’t, well, snowed under with emergency calls.

However, none of this means you should rush the process for a new heating installation. Let’s look at some fall heating installation considerations to help move the process along while getting everything just right.

Why do you think you need a new heating system?

It’s always smart to start by asking yourself what indications are telling you that your current heater isn’t going to last much longer.

  • Is it already a few years out of warranty and over its estimated service life expectancy?
  • Have your energy bills started to climb to levels you’ve never seen before during the winter?
  • Is the heating system making a racket whenever it runs?
  • Are you no longer receiving the quality level of heating you expect?

All of these can indicate the need to have a new heater installed. The next step, however, is the critical one.

Have professionals evaluate the current system

You may only need repairs for your heater to keep it working well for another season. The people who can tell you this is HVAC experts familiar with different types of heaters, such as furnaces and boilers. Our technicians will give your heater a close examination and several tests, and then tell you whether they think repairs are a cost-effective solution, or if the best route is indeed to have a brand-new heater in place before the cold weather arrives.

What type of heating system to install?

In most cases, you’ll probably want to replace your heater with a similar type, since this means the least number of changes to the rest of the HVAC system. If you use a natural gas furnace, replace it with a gas furnace—although you may wish to upgrade to one with a higher efficiency rating. You may want to consider alternatives, however, such as installing a heat pump if you also have plans to replace the air conditioning system shortly.

The right sized heater

“Size” doesn’t mean the amount of space the new heater takes up (although of course, you want a system that fits). It refers to the heat output, and this must be matched with care to each home. Too much heating will cause as much trouble for the heater as too little. Our HVAC experts use heat load calculations to find the heating tonnage (tonnage is a measure of heat output) that is perfect for your needs.

We’re the experts in HVAC in the greater Des Moines, IA metro area who can handle your year-round comfort needs. Contact us today to get on the schedule for a new heating installation if you think you need one this fall.

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