January 23, 2017
By Mark Paup

Heating System Rundown We Can Help You With A System Replacement

Updated January 29, 2024

It’s the middle of the winter, and even though we’re going through warmer temperatures than usual (plus plenty of rain), you don’t want to be caught without a decent heating system. If you have any reason to think that your current heater isn’t going to make it through the rest of the winter, or if it’s become an immense energy waster, then it’s a good time to think about a new heating installation in Des Moines, IA.

You have more choices for heating your house than ever before. Working with our professionals is key to seeing that you end up with the right type of heater, balancing heat output with energy efficiency. To get you started, we’ve put together a short guide to the essentials of the major heating systems we offer.


The majority of homes have furnaces for heat. The reason for this popularity is that furnaces are flexible and easy to match almost any home’s heating requirements. Furnaces can use different fuel sources, but most are either gas-fired or electric. Gas furnaces cost less to run and have greater heating power. But the electric furnace is a good alternative for homes that lack a natural gas line, or for homeowners who don’t want to worry about possible dangers of using natural gas.


Boilers work in a fundamentally different way than furnaces. Rather than generating heat to warm the air and then sending that air through ductwork (forced-air heating), a boiler raises the temperature of the water and then sends it to terminal points around the house such as radiators or baseboard heaters. These objects heat up and then radiate warmth into the room. Boilers are more energy efficient than furnaces, offer an even spread of warmth, and have long lifespans. However, switching to a boiler from a forced-air system requires major changes to a house.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is like an air conditioning system that can change the direction it works so that it moves heat into a house, rather than moving it out. Heat pumps have the great benefit of working as both heating and cooling systems, and they can save money in heating mode compared to electric furnaces and boilers. But heat pumps must be matched carefully to a home, or else there’s a danger they’ll lose efficiency on the coldest days.

Geothermal Heating

A heat pump can also run using the heat of the earth. These geothermal heat pumps (also known as ground-source heat pumps) are among the most energy-efficient methods to provide heating and cooling to a home, and their longevity can’t be beaten. However, the upfront installation is more extensive than other types of HVAC systems, and not every home has sufficient space for the necessary ground loops.

Ductless Mini Splits
Ductless heating is another type of heat pump. Instead of working through a ventilation system, ductless heating operates through a series of wall-mounted air handlers. Ductless mini splits are great for new construction and renovation since they save space that would normally go to ducts.

Call our specialists to find out further details about each of these systems. They’ll help you find the perfect heating system replacement.

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