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5 Steps To Winterize Your Hose Bibbs

With the next few months of cold weather coming in, it is important to prepare your home for the duration of winter. This includes your plumbing system, and specifically your pipes. You may be aware of the damage frozen pipes can cause to your interior property, but it’s important to remember this is affected by your exterior pipes, too. Draining and shutting off your outside hoses and faucets will ensure there is no water left in your lines, thereby leading to burst pipes. Keep reading for our five steps to winterize your hose bibbs, courtesy of our skilled plumbers at Golden Rule Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

Follow These 5 Steps to Prepare Your Hose Bibbs for Winter

  1. Find the Shut-Off Valve: Finding your exterior faucet’s shut-off valve will guarantee that no water gets stuck in your lines over winter. You can usually find the right shut-off valve inside your home, generally in the basement, crawl space, or utility room.
  2. Make Sure That All The Valves Are Turned Off: Every hose bibb in your home is attached to its own shut-off valve. For every faucet you have outside, make sure to find and turn off the appropriate shut-off valve in your basement/elsewhere on your property.
  3. Remove, Drain & Store Hoses Appropriately: Leaving your hoses out over winter is a great way to make sure they get cracked and ruined. Dethatch all your hoses from the bibbs at the beginning of the winter and drain them thoroughly. Don’t just toss your hoses anywhere if you want to be able to use them again. Make sure they are stored in a warm place, such as a basement, closet, or heated garage for the winter. This will guarantee they remain in good working condition.
  4. Leave Your Faucets Open: Once your hoses have been removed, make sure to leave them in the on position. While this may sound counterintuitive, it will help to prevent any lingering pressure from building up in your hose bibb.
  5. Cover Your Hose Bibbs: Once you have completed all the above steps, make sure your hose bibbs are covered up before it gets too cold outside. This will prevent rusting and cracking in the faucets as snow falls and temperatures dip over the next few months. You can buy hose bibb covers online or at your local home improvement store.

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