November 29, 2019
By Mark Paup

5 Signs Your Tankless Water Heater Needs Service

Updated January 16, 2024

At Golden Rule, we proudly provide tankless water heater installation, so your entire family can get hot water right away, whenever they need it. However, as effective and efficient as these systems are, even tankless water heaters occasionally need repairs and maintenance. Keep reading to learn the top 5 signs your tankless water heater needs service, and make sure to hire our experienced Des Moines plumbers for all your water heater needs.

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Your tankless water heater may need to be serviced if:

  1. You have noticed a sudden change in water quality: Water that is cloudy, rusty, or filled with sediment is a major sign something is wrong with your tankless heater. You may want to start by calling your municipal water supplier if you notice this happening in your system, as there’s a chance the problem stems from a quality issue with your local water source. If this is the problem, you may need to install a water treatment system. Beyond that, your best bet is to call a plumber to see whether your tankless water heater is malfunctioning or breaking down.
  2. Your water has smelled or tasted strange lately: Unusual or metallic tastes in your hot water could be the result of iron in your water heater. Water with high iron levels is not safe for consumption, so contact a skilled plumber right away if you are experiencing this issue. They will be able to help you determine whether the problem is with your heater or the water itself.
  3. Your water heater has been making booming or banging sounds: Banging or booming sounds coming from your tankless water heater may be another sign there is sediment in the system, in which case you will want to call a plumber to help you flush it out.
  4. You are having trouble getting consistent hot water/water pressure: The whole point of tankless water heaters is that you do not have to wait for hot water. If your heater is not able to do this, you should call for service ASAP. A lack of hot water and poor water pressure together means the problem may be severe, and you could have to replace the system entirely.
  5. Your water heater is giving you warning messages: The ultimate sign something is wrong with your tankless water heater is likely to come from the unit itself. Most tankless water heaters will have some kind of display warning when there is a problem. This should not be ignored. If your tankless water heater is saying it needs to be serviced, believe it, and call a professional plumber.
  6. To schedule tankless water heater service in Des Moines or Grimes, IA, call 515-393-4526, or contact us online.

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